The contractors listed on the following pages employ members of Local 502 pursuant to the terms and conditions of a Collective Bargaining Agreement or "CBA". These agreements provide the contractor with a means to adequately bid projects based upon set wages and benefit rates as well as the working conditions contained within the CBA. The relationship between Local 502 and the contractors who employ its members is one that not only benefits the contractor and member, but the construction consumer as well.

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Contact:Steve Crable
Address:5598 Poplar Level Rd
Louisville, KY 40228
Phone:(502) 966-2400
Fax:(502) 966-2454

Acco, Inc.
Contact:Leonard Heuser
Alt. Contact:Brian Smith
Address:5515 Poplar Park Blvd
Louisville, KY 40228
Phone:(502) 962-8844
Fax:(502) 962-8388

Alliance Comfort Systems, Inc.
Contact:Lori Rhodes
Address:P O Box 58860
Louisville, KY 40268
Phone:(502) 384-8500
Fax:(502) 384-8517

Alpha Mechanical Service, Inc.
Contact:Joe Rhodes
Address:7200 Distribution Drive
Louisville, 40258
Phone:(502) 968-0121
Fax:(502) 968-8116

Best Mechanical Services, LLC
Contact:Jim Pontrich
Address:4333 Robards Lane
Louisville, KY 40218
Phone:(502) 459-1920
Fax:(502) 459-1023

Carrier Corporation
Contact:Steven Lane
Address:11501 Plantside Drive Ste 8
Louisville, KY 40299
Phone:(502) 639-9372
Fax:(502) 267-7081

Clark Mechanical, LLC
Contact:Scott Clark
Address:1701 Pennebaker Avenue
Bardstown, KY 40004
Phone:(502) 348-5058
Fax:(502) 348-5560

Cochran Mechanical
Contact:Trelawny Cochran
Address:456 S. Mulberry Street
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
Phone:(502) 836-4432
Fax:(502) 367-0725

Consolidated Mechanical, Inc.
Address:2900 Airpark Drive
Owensboro, KY 42301
Phone:(270) 685-0148
Fax:(270) 685-4223

Construction Support Services
Contact:Steve Mackin
Address:3908 Cane Run Road
Louisville, 40211
Phone:(502) 773-5158
Fax:(502) 415-7539

D&R Services
Address:306 Sequoia Drive
Leitchfield, 42754
Phone:(270) 868-0485
Fax:(270) 259-0427

Daikin McQuay
Address:13600 Industrial Park Blvd
Plymouth, MN 55441
Phone:(763) 553-5394

Contact:Eric Baum
Address:1833 Taylor Ave
Louisville, KY 40213
Phone:(502) 368-0454
Fax:(502) 384-8140

Dixie Plumbing & Heating Co.
Contact:Danny Churchman
Address:6301 Strawberry Lane
Louisville, KY 40214
Phone:(502) 367-7635
Fax:(502) 367-2750

Contact:Pati Ball
Address:4330 Chickering Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45232
Phone:(513) 482-7685
Fax:(513) 482-7699

Globe Mechanical, Inc.
Contact:Brian Kruer
Address:20 W 7th Street
New Albany, IN 47150
Phone:(812) 949-2001
Fax:(812) 949-2005

Hirst Mechanical
Address:1906 Riva Ridge Road
Louisville, KY 40214
Phone:(502) 365-1177
Fax:(502) 365-1177

HMC Service Company, Inc.
Contact:Gary Keeling
Address:6909 Enterprise Dr, Ste A
Louisville, KY 40214
Phone:(502) 375-0440
Fax:(502) 375-0128

Holcroft Engineering
Address:1920 Clifty Hollow Rd
Madison, IN 47250
Phone:(812) 265-4526

Huber Plumbing, Inc.
Address:1034 Milton Ave
Louisville, KY 40217
Phone:(502) 367-3309

Hussung Mechanical, Inc.
Contact:Roy Crable
Address:6913 Enterprise Drive, Ste B
Louisville, 40214
Phone:(502) 375-3500
Fax:(502) 375-2377

Independent Piping Services LLC
Contact:Les Young
Address:1525 Avco Blvd
Sellersburg, IN 47172
Phone:(812) 246-4855
Fax:(812) 246-3413

Infinity Design & Construction Group
Contact:Jeremy McCool
Address:11605 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40243
Phone:(502) 473-5319
Fax:(502) 244-2236

InterTech Mechanical Service, Inc.
Contact:Mark Young
Address:5836 Fern Valley Road
Louisville, KY 40228
Phone:(502) 454-7911
Fax:(502) 454-7912

Johnsons Controls
Address:9410 Bunsen Parkway Ste. 100 B
Louisville, KY 40220
Phone:(502) 493-2127
Fax:(502) 499-2135

Kiper Hibbard LLC
Address:P.O. Box 476
Hillview, KY 40129
Phone:(502) 504-5370
Fax:(502) 504-5372

Kuhlman, Inc.
Address:195 Hickory Woods Drive
Taylorsville, KY 40071
Phone:(502) 477-7249
Fax:(502) 477-2919

Louisville Mech-Services, Inc.
Contact:Aaron thompson
Address:11121 Plantside Drive
Louisville, KY 40299
Phone:(502) 962-9211
Fax:(502) 968-4123

Lusk Mechanical Contr., Inc.
Contact:Jeff Lusk
Address:820 S Dixie Hwy
Muldraugh, KY 40155
Phone:(502) 942-6969
Fax:(502) 942-6964

R&R, Inc. of Louisville
Address:1725 Mellwood Avenue
Louisville, KY 40207
Phone:(502) 897-9705
Fax:(502) 897-3056

R&S Mechanical Services, Inc.
Address:5101 Ridgecrest Court
Crestwood, KY 40014
Phone:(502) 664-1182
Fax:(502) 882-1369

RQ Services
Address:8003 Vinecrest Ave., #1
Louisville, KY 40222
Phone:(502) 339-1133
Fax:(502) 339-1347

Schardein Mechanical, Inc.
Contact:Dennis Meiman
Address:1810 Outer Loop
Louisville, KY 40219
Phone:(502) 368-7678
Fax:(502) 814-5270

Shambaugh & Son
Address:P.O. Box 1287
Ft. Wayne, IN 46801
Phone:(260) 487-7811

Shepherd Mechanical
Contact:Brandon Shepherd
Alt. Contact:Brian Shepherd
Address:2903 Lenore Road
Cox's Creek, KY 40013
Phone:(502) 507-1500

Springfield Plumbing, Inc.
Address:1903 West Market St
Louisville, KY 40203
Phone:(502) 587-8281
Fax:(502) 587-8289

Stainless Specialties
Address:8825 Starlight Rd
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119
Phone:(812) 923-7280

Trinity Heating & Cooling, LLC
Contact:Patricia Curran
Address:5888 E. Highway 60
Harned, KY 40144
Phone:(270) 547-4288

United Mechanical, Inc.
Contact:Phillip Gueltzow
Address:8003 Vincrest Ave, Ste 1
Louisville, KY 40222
Phone:(502) 339-1133
Fax:(502) 339-1347

URS - Washington Group
Contact:Steve Fertig
Address:PO Box 16697
Louisville, KY 40256
Phone:(502) 775-3214
Fax:(502) 775-3223

Walker Mechanical, Inc.
Contact:Charlie Schutz
Address:1400 W. Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY 40203
Phone:(502) 636-0002
Fax:(502) 636-0004

Ward Engineering, Inc.
Contact:Tom Grant
Address:1353 S. 7th Street
Louisville, KY 40201
Phone:(502) 637-6521
Fax:(502) 635-5258

Weber Mechanical, Inc.
Address:2304 Maria Court
Louisville, KY 40220
Phone:(502) 895-7996